According to my Mum, I was born with a pen in hand. Drawing has always been my thing. I spent my childhood asking people to tell me what to draw, and they almost always predictably replied : "A bicycle, or a horse?" Always the hardest subjects!

I pursued that passion, which led me to attend Art school and complete a master degree in graphic design at Olivier du Serre Paris. While attending a master's program in graphic design at Middlesex University London, my skills caught the attention of an ex-BBC creative director. As a result, I was handpicked for a role at the London design agency Hobbins-Sides. I moved to London and spent six fantastic years working on many title sequences and TV brandings for channels like BBC, SCI-FI, Discovery, Artsworld, NOW TV, etc. I also had the opportunity to design and direct live action idents for BMI international in-flight branding.

In the early 2000s, I took the leap to become an independent designer and worked on many iconic TV brandings, including Channel 4, Baraem, Disney Channel's Cinemagic, UEFA South Africa World Cup, and others. In 2012, I worked alongside Matthew Rudd to win the pitch for the massive 2013 ITV rebrand, where I was involved in the design of the OSP across their multiple channels, as well as coming up and developing the Color Picking principle used in the idents and general branding.

Over the last 10 years, my focus has shifted away from graphic design towards concept Art & visual development. My background in graphic design gives me a distinct edge in my concept work. I always get involved at very early stages of a project, helping shape and visually develop concepts from scratch, as well as contributing ideas and treatments. I particularly enjoy working closely with creative directors and CGI experts from motion graphics studios. I have had extensive collaborations with teams at weareseventeen, Found, Future Deluxe, Builder's Club, and others.

In parallel to my work in motion graphics, I have also worked in advertising with companies such as The Mill, Time Based Arts, Framestore, 1920 VFX, etc. In 2013, I worked at Framestore London as a concept artist on the long-form CG animation series McLaren's TOONED 50. My concept and animation work for Honda's 'Dream Makers' campaign earned me a prestigious Gold British Arrow award in 2018.

In 2021, I had the opportunity to work on the IKEA 'Wonderful Everyday' campaign. It was a collaborative effort with director Ninian Doff and production designer David Lee, where we worked on creating the star robot characters. Shortly after that, David Lee approached me to join him in developing the long-form content for the upcoming Disney+ Nautilus TV show, set to be released on AMC in 2024. I was involved from the very beginning, and brought a huge number of concepts to life. This included designing the intricate Nautilus submarine and crafting numerous captivating sets and environments that would be featured in the show.

After all these years, I still love it when someone gives me a little spark of an idea. It never fails to inspire me!



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